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Apr 04

Halftone Effects in Illustrator

Mar 21

Kony 2012 Debate: Does The Campaign Create Effective Social Change? (Change My Mind)

The Society of the Spectacle by Guy DeBord

Mar 18 -

Good Design/Type Network, Job listings too!

Feb 08

How Tumblr and Cinemagraphs Became the New Web Design Chic -

How Tumblr and Cinemagraphs Became the New Web Design Chic
The Leaders in Design Series is supported by Volvo. Cinemagraphs — or still photographs with moving elements — exploded in popularity in 2011. The trend — and the term — was coined by visual graphics artist Kevin Burg and his partner, photographer Jamie Beck. The GIF files, which mainta…

Feb 07

Do Unpaid Internships Exploit College Students? -

Employers often seem to flout the Labor Department rules about unpaid interns, but college students keep lining up for these positions year after year.

Should government intervene, because the downsides of unpaid internships outweigh the benefits? Or should officials step back, assuming that this arrangement mutually benefits employers and interns?


Facebook is using you -

"Ads that pop up on your screen might seem useful, or at worst, a nuisance. But they are much more than that. The bits and bytes about your life can easily be used against you. Whether you can obtain a job, credit or insurance can be based on your digital doppelgänger — and you may never know why you’ve been turned down."

Feb 05

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